Friday Night Mixed League (Fun League)

2021 League Schedule

Updated Mon Nov 2, 2020

Covid-19 Update

Please note that following Curl BC and Curling Canada guidelines, we cannot accept any drop-in curlers until further notice. All Friday night players will have to join the Friday league.

Also note that due to the current situation, there can be no unattended children at the club. All children will be expected to be accompanied by an adult, and under their direct supervision.

First draw is at 6:30 pm. 2nd draw is at 8:00pm.

Round   Ice      
1 Fri 30-Oct-20        
    1 Atherton vs Tannahill
    2 Otteson vs McClary
    3 Becker vs Lawrence
    4 Yougberg vs Paul
      Spenst vs Ragsdale
      Hannah   BYE
2 Fri 6-Nov-20        
    1 Atherton vs Hannah
    2 Youngberg vs Lawrence
    3 Becker vs Paul
    4 Otteson vs Simpson
      Tannahill   McClary
3 Fri 13-Nov-20        
    1 Atherton vs Otteson
    2 Hannah vs McClary
    3 Paul vs Youngberg
    4 Lawrence vs Tannahill
      Simpson vs Becker
4 Fri 20-Nov-20        
    1 McClary vs Lawrence
    2 Tannahill vs Paul
    3 Otteson vs Hannah
    4 Becker vs Atherton
      Youngberg vs Simpson
5 Fri 27-Nov-20        
    1 Lawrence vs Paul
    2 Otteson vs Becker
    3 Atherton vs Tannahill
    4 Youngberg vs McClary
      Simpson BYE  
6 Fri 4-Dec-20        
    1 Simpson vs Youngberg
    2 McClary vs Atherton
    3 Tannahill vs Otteson
    4 Becker vs Lawrence
      Paul BYE  
7 Fri 11-Dec -20        
    1 Paul vs Becker
    2 Lawrence vs Tannahill
    3 Otteson vs McCLary
    4 Atherton vs Simpson
      Youngberg BYE  
8 Fri 18-Dec-20        
    1 Youngberg vs Atherton
    2 Simpson vs Otteson
    3 McClary vs Lawrence
    4 Tannahill vs Paul
      Becker BYE