Friday Night Fun and Drop-In

If your team cannot make a game, please contact the skip from the opposing team or the Club Manager immediately. 

First draw 6:30pm

Please be considerate to teams starting at 8:30 – be on the ice at 6:30 and ready to start the game on time. Only 6 ends are played.

Second draw 8:30pm

If a sheet is free when you arrive for the second draw, you may start your game early.

    Friday Night Mixed      
Round      Ice    
    subject to change    
1  Oct 11th 2019 Youngberg  1 vs Kruipier
    Becker 2 vs McClary
    Spenst 3 vs Sharrock
    Fletcher 4 vs Atherton
  8:30 Hannah   vs Trainer
    Messner    vs Bye
2  Oct 18th Youngberg  1 vs Hannah
    Trainer 2 vs Fletcher
    Atherton 3 vs Spenst
    Sharrock 4 vs Becker
  8:30 McClary   vs Messner 1
    Kruipier   vs BYE
4 Oct 25th Becker 1 vs Atherton
    Messner  2 vs Sharrock
    Hannah 3 vs Kruipier
    Spenst 4 vs Trainer
  8:30 Fletcher   vs Youngberg 
    BYE   vs McClary
5  Nov 1st Hannah 1 vs Fletcher
    Youngberg  2 vs Spenst
    Trainer 3 vs Becker
    Kruipier 4 vs McClary
  8:30 Atherton   vs Messner 
  8:30 Sharrock   vs Bye
6 Nov 8th McClary 1 vs Sharrock
    Spenst 2 vs Hannah
    Messner  3 vs Trainer
    Becker 4 vs Youngberg 
  8:30 Fletcher   vs Kruipier
  8:30 BYE   vs Atherton
7 Fri 15th Feb Mixed Bonspiel      
8 Nov 22nd  Fletcher 1 vs Spenst
    Hannah 2 vs Becker 
    Youngberg  3 vs Messner 
    Kruipier 4 vs Sharrock
  8:30 Atherton   vs McClary
    Trainer   vs BYE
9 Nov 29th Spenst 1 vs Kruipier
    McClary 2 vs Trainer
    Sharrock 3 vs Atherton
    Messner  4 vs Hannah
  8:30 Becker    vs Fletcher
    BYE   vs Youngberg 
10 Dec 6th Spenst 1 vs Becker 
    Krupier 2 vs Atherton
    Fletcher 3 vs Messner 
    Youngberg  4 vs McClary
  8:30 Trainer   vs Sharrock
    Hannah   vs BYE
11 Dec 13th Atherton 1 vs Trainer
    Sharrock 2 vs Youngberg 
    Becker 3 vs Kruipier
    BYE 4 vs Fletcher
  8:30 Messner    vs Spenst
    McClary   vs Hannah
  Dec 20th Becker 1 vs Messner 1
    Hannah 2   Sharrock
    Fletcher 3 vs McClary
    Kruipier 4 vs Trainer 
  8:30 Youngberg    vs Atherton
    Spenst   vs BYE